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Equestrian event are very important on nomadic lifestyle into the which Kazakh culture is based

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Equestrian event are very important on nomadic lifestyle into the which Kazakh culture is based

More than millenia of social invention, Kazakhs arranged pony online game so you can vie and have fun as well as to alter strength, speed, and you may coordination if you’re riding. A few of the online game try rooted in the brand new endurance ways of the new distant earlier and others are merely to own enjoyment on holidays-all the games really helps to build a religious unity and caongst the latest Kazakh somebody. Kazakhs have worked in preserving such video game even after development a far more inactive lives, now, no big affair would-be done without them.

Alaman Baiga

Alaman Baiga are defined provided that-length rushing to have regional pony types. Nomadic culture demands an ability for very long visits, and therefore necessitated the brand new reproduction from solid ponies having unrivaled survival. Alaman Baiga provides a test having in your area bred horses across the span of 29, fifty, if you don’t one hundred kilometres off rough terrain. Bikers tend to braided the fresh horses’ tails and you may manes otherwise bird feathers and other decorations were used to safeguard the fresh pony out-of harm-not all of this new horses live the new events, but not. Now, so it equestrian games has been popular among Kazakhs, however it is kept in the hippodromes, in which a 30 kilometres races try arranged.


Shorter-distance races are called Baiga. Baiga are possibly several, four, or nine kilometers round the top soil. You can find some other divisions according to research by the horse’s years-for those horses young than just 3 years dated, the fresh races try as much as several kilometers; ponies more youthful than just four competition as much as five miles; and you can horses more than five years race the fresh longest point: 9 miles. Baiga are held throughout of a lot getaways and you can those who have a beneficial pony normally be involved in the group.


Brand new old online game of Kokpar (and its particular people variation, Ulak) isn’t just an element of the society from Kazakhstan in addition to one other regions regarding Central China. The purpose of the game is to try to elevator the brand new carcass off good ram and you can submit it in order to a particular point otherwise put it on a large cauldron. Bikers reveal great fuel, a strong grip, and you may best equilibrium regarding seat when you’re tilting into the ground to grab new ram. Title “Kokpar” means in the Kazakh given that “Bluish Wolf”. The foundation of this name is associated with adopting the legend: into the olden days, during the cold winter, nomads staged hunts having wolves. On coming back house, the new seekers entertained themselves because of the attacking with the predator’s carcass. Over time, that it search society turned into a game title, the fresh carcass of your own wolf was changed from the an excellent sheep, and you may competitions began to be stored while in the biggest vacations. Today, the game is the official equestrian recreation during the Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan or any other Central Asian countries. The most significant Kokpar title are stored within the Video game out of Nomads, constantly stored in the Kyrgyzstan.


Audaryspack try Kazakh grappling with the horseback. Rivals just be sure to hit its rivals off their horses via holds, keeps, and so on. An ancient game, Audaryspack is superb training getting warriors because grows not only wrestling ability however, traction fuel regarding the saddle. 100 years ago, this game try sensed mandatory and you will are discovered away from youngsters-males staged battles standing on foals, rams, and you can bulls. There have been including experts in pony selection who had been capable identify the strongest, really agile ponies.

Kyz Kuu

So it fun lifestyle off Kazakhstan and you will Kyrgyzstan means «meet up with the woman». Kyz Kuu was stored throughout the getaways and celebrations, that have little girls and you will boys doing the overall game. The young some one create into the vibrant federal apparel and you can decorate its ponies, getting a colourful tell you getting elders and you can people the same. At rule, the girl sets off on her behalf horse. A couple of seconds afterwards, the newest guy rushes after the girl, applying for a hug. In the event that they are incapable of get a hug of the doing section, this lady has licenses in order to chase him back again to first, seeking struck your with an effective whip. Constantly, the pursue point in one direction is https://kissbrides.com/fi/kuuma-venalainen-naiset/ actually 400-five hundred m.

Kume Alu

“Grab the money”, because this name is interpreted out of Kazakh, is actually a game title where in fact the rider must collect as much gold coins to. The fresh gold coins was covered with short jewelry and you may defined within the a column. The brand new rider just who gathers many gold coins benefits. This video game needs higher level dexterity, balance, and an effective grip whilst hanging down seriously to information up the coins.

Tymak Uryp Zhygu

Tymak Uryp Zhygu is actually an entertaining game hence you aren’t a beneficial pony may take region within the. Within this game, a-pole out of a tad bit more than a couple m high are attached to a deck. A headdress named good tymak is positioned atop the fresh pole. Members look at the tymak and generally are next blindfolded, given a great whip, seated on their horses, and you will spun to several times. The new rider following keeps around three attempts to hit the fresh tymak out-of the fresh new rod into the whip. When the not able to get it done, about three a great deal more efforts might be gained from the starting a tune otherwise merry dancing. This game is actually most frequently played for the big holidays.

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