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The course regarding 2019 President, who’s right here with her moms and dads David and you will Eloisa, and you can sisters Susana, Lorena and you can Jorge

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The course regarding 2019 President, who’s right here with her moms and dads David and you will Eloisa, and you can sisters Susana, Lorena and you can Jorge

– [Announcer] Manuel Bustillos. Damian Canales. Alan Carrete Breceda. Fernando Carrillo. Alexia Carrillo Cena. Javier Castaneda. Reyna Cazares Alfaro. Dorothy Chavez. Felipe Chavez.

– [Announcer] Miranda Chavez. Perry Chavez. Saul Chavez Moreno. Jasmine Cordero. Nayeli Corral. Veronica Diaz. Jackson Diaz Ponce. Jason Dixon. Arleth Dominguez Caro. Joshua Dominguez. That is you, that is your.

– [Announcer] Magda Dominguez Varela. John Du Bray. Gerardo Duran. Justin Serious. Ashley Echavarria Munoz. Melissa Erives Dominguez. Hector Espinoza. Marcos Eylicio. Jose Federico. Britonya Fleming-Ponce.

– [Announcer] Edgar Gonzalez Garcia. Jasmin Garcia Montes. Jacqueline Gil Saucedo. Francisco Gomez. Nayeli Gomez Escobar. Isaiah Gonzales. Alejandro Gonzalez. Jesus Gonzalez Rodriguez. Gem Goodhart. That’s your. Dominic Griego.

Kevin Taylor

– [Announcer] God Gutierrez Ruiz. Isaac Guzman. Abrianna Hernandez. Anthony site de rencontre populaire gratuit Hernandez. Aryam Hernandez. Daniel Hernandez. Erik Hernandez. Gilbert Hernandez. Amy Hernandez Marquez. Andy Hernandez.

– [Announcer] Santana Jones. Victoria Jones. Bobbie Juarez. Michael jordan Kean. Gavin Kerns. Phillip King. Joseph Lajeuenesse. Eternitti Latimore. Alyssa Limon. Brianna Lopez.

– [Announcer] Alexis Lucero. Dulce Lucero Flores. Jessica Luevano. Kayla Lugones. Jessie Madrid. Alexa Magallanes. David Magana De Los angeles Rosa. Hans Malubay. Gabriela Manriquez Sosa. Shykah Marquez. Jazmin Marrufo Gonzalez. Michelle Martinez Marquez. Kershawna Maryboy. Rodrigo Mauricio.

– [Announcer] Berenice Montelongo Flores. Makayla Montoya. Cynthia Moran Guevara. Serena Munoz. Sergio Munoz Torres. Armando Munoz-Zarate. Monique Nelson. Yasmin Nevarez. Alexandro Nevarez Rodriguez. Perla Nieves Aguilar. Bernardo Nunez Avila.

– [Announcer] Katelin Ohayon. Jonathan Orozco Chavez. Raymond Ortega. Angelo Padilla. Miranda Meters. Padilla. Miranda N. Padilla. Aaron Pavia. Joshua Peralta. Reyanna Peralta.

– [Announcer] Jeremiah Quintana. Eddi Quintana Reyes. os. Nayeli Rangel. Denalia Redd. Juan Carlos Rivas. Eduardo Rivas Quinones. Jaylynn Rodriguez. Jose Rodriguez Diaz. Kimberly Rodriguez Flores. Angel Romero. Bryan Rodriguez Gardea. Hana Romero.

– [Announcer] Jacob Romero. James Romero. Leila Saenz. Andres Salazar. Cipri Salazar. Isaiah Salazar Falcon. Laura Salcido Meza. Alejandra Salinas. Cesar Salinas. Dulce Salto Loya.

Yuliana Rios

– [Announcer] Rosalinda Property. Johnathan Sosa. Daysha Stanley. Anthony Stapleton. Alicia Tafoya. Angelique Teixeira. Jesus Tello. Misael Tinajero. Eric Tonihka. Draw Torres. That is your.

– [Announcer] Alexis Trejo. Zoe Trujillo. Mello Tweeten. Violet Vaquera. Angel Varela. Alejandro Vargas. Jose Vargas. Rosa Vargas. Angela Vasquez. Alexis Vasquez Property.

CESAR CHAPARRO: Samuel Vazquez Quintana. Goodness Velazquez Cibrian. Evelyn Vidal Blanco. Yaxeni Villarreal. Britta Ward. Dos. Adrianna Winnikoff. Nicole Winnikoff. Diana Wong. Cruzito Flores. Jasmine Zarate. Nancy Zarate-Leyva. Sonia Zavala Barreras. She arrangements into going to UNM, and you can dreams becoming an oral hygienist. She would like to getting remembered since most readily useful idle chief. Jessica Luevano.

JESSICA LUEVANO: Because the my personal very first day’s highschool, I assured me I might stand-up right here, on this day, and you can deliver that it most speech. This is when I am, a complete few years later, updates prior to all people that have gone through the newest exact same, yet book, travel due to the fact myself, all of my personal friends, and people that have assisted you create all of this it is possible to. They are the really past times we’re going to invest while the satisfied Ravens, while we all know that once a Raven, constantly a good Raven. For some folks they appeared easy, for many people they did not. However, somehow, we all encountered pressures that we was required to overcome, being here now proves that we performed go beyond some of the fresh new obstacles presented to you, whether or not it was just late night finishing tasks, otherwise something we can’t say out loud. We all actually have so it feel to share with you. While we the enjoys other thinking about any of it, we could all the agree that at some point, such four years it really is contains the very best minutes in our lifestyle. They have leftover you that have recollections that are totally remarkable. But off such couple of years, we realize usually the one thoughts i have expected to create the most, is but one we are and come up with today. The prospective we have spent some time working so very hard getting accomplish, is eventually becoming complete today. I do want to need the second to thank the 2 ladies on-stage, Amy and you can Letty, since the without them, my accomplishments in the twelfth grade don’t have been you can. And a number of the men from a floor, you-know-who you are, you’ll be able to usually have a mommy for the me. With that said, I require the category out-of 2019 in order to excite rise. I’m so satisfied to own got like an amazing class to need to offered to due to the fact chairman. You all truly produced which an informed seasons you to Rio Grande keeps found in a little while. I’m so happy observe just how much most of us tend to allow, although we all have been separating implies, but we fundamentally made it happen. Class of 2019, you can even today move your tassels on the to the latest leftover. Well done!

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